Saturday, 18 July 2015

Did You You Buy Any Shoe This Week 3

Watsup know how we do it'll tell us how many and what type of shoes you got in the previous week...

But seriously eh..have you guys noticed that our darling Bmf has been infected with the shoe craze...abeg lemme use this opportunity to officially tell her..bmf you can not come and come take the lead ladder in shoe craze,,, you darling..i really love when girls have crazy love for tells alot about an individual.

well last week i got only this Atmosphere orange ballerina flats..and its so comfortable and am hoping to get some shoes this week..

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P.s: you guys can send in pictures of any shoe you buy..i will happily post them


Anonymous said...

Jejely I was walking down the street of Obanikoro somewhere in Lagos Mainland. And I saw a very fine high heel shoe. Hmmmn
Today I want to pick up my sallah dress from a friend, I hope I do not see any fine shoe in Jesus name. Amen

Unknown said...

The last time I got a shoe was last year so still on old expensive things

Fashionably Idu said...

I bought a pair that I had searched high and low for. Super excited, :))))).

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Unknown said...

Love the ballerina shoe, it looks so comfortable mere looking at it.

CatwalkwithPAT(Please CLICK on my name) said...

I got two flats this week; animal skin and silver in colour. I actually wanted to buy just the animal skin but the silver one too was entering my eye and because I wore both and they fit (this rarely happens)I just bought both.

Unknown said...

No shoe this week slow to enter.
pls visit

Alabekee said...

Yayyyy! I got a nice shoe for myself this past week. Like you said Glowy, BMF is gradually taking over from you. You had better stepped up your game ooo. lolz...

Carina Kikelomo Jacob said...

No. The last time I bought a shoe was a month ago. said...

@bmf: ehnnn my darling you going crazy time you either look away or you walk into the shop and be praying its expensive atleast it wont pain you dat mych if you didnt buy

@okala: since last year you say..naaah shuld scout and buy nau..its good to have something new dear

@Idu: awwww..i can only imagine how super excited you happens to me have a lovely day..xx

@Dub zzy: yes it is very comfotable darling...thanks for visitng

@cat woman: ehnnn yay am gradually infecting my caty happens all the time...buh hope you didn't deel bad cos you spent wat you didn't plan for? Just keep buying small small before you know it you have a big closet

@Mahka: awwww darling don't worry the money is coming in and i personally will be in your neck..*hugz*

@alabeke:yay finally bekee love you gerring into the club and ols don't remind me of bmf altho am happy ahve unfected someone

@Carina: a month gap is not too bad..but do try and engage this month...thanks for visiting dearie.xx