Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Basic Footwear Mistakes..

What are the biggest shoe mistakes and how can we avoid them? We've rounded up the worst fashion slip ups involving footwear with some sound advice on how you can avoid them. Read on.

1. Worn down heels :

All heels wear out sooner or later,whether they're from primark or prada. But the good news is this problem is ridiculously easy to fix. At the first sign of wear and tear, simply take your shoes down to your local cobbler and get them reheeled. It should set you back no more than a few bucks.which will pay off in situations where there is no money to get a new pair of shoe.

Wearing shoes that are already worn down at the heel is not only a short cut to ruining them altogether,it completely ruins their look as well. You might think that a sloping or a shortened heel is a minor defect you don't see while wearing it,after all. But a mangled stiletto can cheapen the look of your whole outfit,and also very dangerous to walk in heels that are different in heights.

2. Shoes that don't suit your feet:

Just as not everyone can rock the mini skirts,not everyone has the feet for every style of shoe in fact ask any one woman what she prefers not to wear and you will find that most of us have already found our happy footwear medium. For some,completely flat shoes are out,as they need the support of a heel a d arch support. Others will simply never feel happy in heels,and if your feet's aren't happy,your whole look will be if you know you'll hate it,don't wear it.

Fashion is not so prescriptive that you can't find beautiful shoes in whatever style suits you best .so if you're finding that these seasons clumpy flat forms don't flatter your ankles,go for a wedge or a delicate kitten heel instead. And if you can't,do ballet flats for dressed down days.

3. Shoes that don't really fit properly:

We've all been there,that shoe we've been eyeing up all season but can't quite justify buying suddenly goes in sale and its even more affordable than expected..HOO-RAY! But alas we notice it's only available half a size too small. Buy it's only half a size...that can't hurt, right? More so with time it will expand...if this is you,please deter from will only end up deforming the bones of your feet. And when it gets deformed no fashionable shoe can hide it.

Shoe sizing is there for a reason. But if you really love a shoe and decide you can't live without it,snap it up while its still in your size

4. The wrong shoe for the occasion:

This is basically a broad topic,which will b touched properly in the next post.

I was going to simply call this section "crocs" but in the interest of being inclusive to all taste.we all have our preferences and that means wearing crocs in the comfort of our home or at the supermarket. But remember there's a time and place for every shoe,and getting this code wrong is one of the biggest footwear mistake you can ever make.

Or put it another way,don't wear trainers to a job interview,it doesn't matter how many pretty they are,how comfortable they feel,or how discounted they were when you bought them.if they don't fit the event, the environment and the occasion then they are at least temporarily the wrong shoes.

Never ever wear stilettos while climbing a mountain.

Its all pretty basic stuffs.



Unknown said...

I think you missed one out. i.e "Shoes that are no longer shoes". You know what I mean?

Nice insight... Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I think you missed one out. i.e "Shoes that are no longer shoes". You know what I mean?

Nice insight... Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I think you missed one out. i.e "Shoes that are no longer shoes". You know what I mean?

Nice insight... Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I try to run from peep toes because they don't fit my feet. It baffles me how someone will wear stilettos for an aerobics class lol.

Paola Lauretano said...

Great post doll!!! Perfect tips!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Unknown said...

Glowy!!!!!! Muah!!!!!! I missed my Glowy!....

Unknown said...

LMAO @ shoes that are no longer shoes...funny guy.. Nice tips dear

Mimi12 said...

" shoes that are no longer shoe" laughing out loud

Alabekee said...

Thanks for the tips Glowy, now I know my basic foot wear mistakes

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

If I did not come and have money nko? Lol. Useful tips, Sweet Glo. I'll work with them.

Unknown said...

Great post!
Have a nice evening!
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fanks a ton


Anonymous said...

I am guilty of no3

naijaflo said...

Guilty of number 3 too. Have some that I have virtually changed the design to make them fit. Like adding a I have difficulty finding a comfortable shoe without a strap.