Friday, 5 June 2015

Shoe sizes And Its Problems.

Halos ya'll doing today,hope yesterday was not stressful biut exciting. well as for me,mine was fun cos i took the time out to engae in some retail theraphy......gosh i realy neded it...*straightface* who doesn't make excuses to go shopping.Lol.

Alright for today,we gonna be talking about shoe sizess, it's advantages and disadvantages. I did a post on wednesday,asking us all what our shoe sizes are and i wasn't happy some of us are finding it difficult to get our sizes... well today we gonna discuss everything to my best knowlege. This post includes both the male and it might be a little bit lengthy,,but just take out the time to read cos you never know what you might gain and use in helping others.


A shoe size is an alphanumeric indication of the fitting size of a shoe for a person.

After going through comments on the shoe size post, i noticed that vertually 95% of us are either a size 35 - 39 while 3% of us are a size 40 while the remaining 2% are a size 41 - 45 and for the guys we've got size 39 - 49... and the popular sizes are betwen 40 - 43... Its not a bad thing to be a small or bigger size its just as a result of body metabolisms.

The good thing is that manufactures and people that havre the cash are taking it up to themselves to design and make bigger shoe sizes. so don't worry for those of us lamenting cos various styles of your size will soon flood the market and trust me you will get tired of shopping.


will do a chart on the available shoe size that we can follow tomorrow.

Advantages Of Various Shoe Sizes:

1. the smaller the size, the easier to find different shoe styles.

2. smaller shoe sizes are easy to find than bigger sizes

3. smaller sizes fits into other countries shoe size esoecially if your feet is slim fit. e.g asian size...geeez i was fustrating when i went shopping the last time i travelled out...i am i size 40 but yet my feet could not fit into their size 40 especially in their heels..i just ended up chattering lots of flat shoes cos those once once you keep wearing them,with time they will expand.

4. bigger sizes give you a good fitting in shoe cos your feet will fill in the spaces of the shoes.

5. bigger sizes gives you good balance and makes you in control....e.g.. i remember an interview i read about kate winslet the titanic actress where she said her colleague Leonard Dicapirio said her feet looks like a boat cos he's a team big foot..she said she's happy she's got a big feet cos she's able to balnce well on the ground.

Disadvantages Of Various Shoe Sizes.

1. bigger shoe sizes are difficult to find in the market.

2. when you a slim fit small size, your feet tend not to give fittings to some types of shoes and shoe shapes.

i will keep upadating as i keep learning and finding out from differs sources

Advice To Everyone.

1. if you a team big foot, neve you try to squeeze in our feet intp a smaller size of shoe cos you will end up looking ridiculous.

2. be proud of your feet,never feel shy or ashamed that your mates wear smaller sizes of shoe while you wear bigger you are jealous of them team small size,so likewise are the team small size jealous of the team big size. The truth is that most extremely beautiful shoe styles comes in bigger sizes so that the prices can be inflated.

I will stop here for today and when i come your way tomorrow, we will be talking about about how to measure your shoe size and buying tips.

*written by me.




Unknown said...

nice one, thanks for sharing

Alabekee said...

Thanks for refreshing my memory with this post

CatwalkWithPAT said...

My dear, im #TeamBigFoot...I wear a size 42 and its always pain getting my desired shoes that are my size. choi!

Great post BTW
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Zamani said...

A big footer, size don't currently know what.. cos all I wear now are strappy flat sandals.

Anonymous said...

Chai glowy why didn't you do this post before I went shopping. I bought three shoes, one sneakers, when I saw it was a size 39, I didn't bother to try it, but when I tried it at home tho it my size but it didn't sit perfectly, like there are spaces when I wore it.

Yaay I bot one animal skin white shoe, very fine and perfect I love it. But the red shoe is kinda tight, the shoe is fine that's why I bot it . it's size 8 But it's tight not very tight the lady said it will expand. I hope so .
But the best of all the shoes I bought is the white, can't wait to rock it for my thanksgiving said... should not buy shoes without trying them on...but in cases wherevit doesn't really fir,you can wear them and use it to walk around the house so it could expand abit..

Unknown said...

Thanks for this dear.