Monday, 15 June 2015

how to do a simple pedicure at home The GlowyShoe

Hey lovelies how ya'll doing? i guess everyone is really jacking up preparations for today.. anyway i wish everyone of us a stress free day and week ahead.

Aii for today,am gonna lay out a very simple method of maybe three lines for us which we can use for home pedicure.. like seriously i was perplexed over some of the comments i saw of from last week when i asked us when last we had a pedicure?.... I always feel that the way girls do go to the salon to make their hair and to also do their nails,they would also take out the time to wash their feet but alas the case is different. I personally i dont do or have never done the fixing of finger and toe nails thingy but i patronize the salon often just for a pedicure session. Like i said in previous post, one part of a woman she should consider as her most beautiful part is my legs most especially her feet... always make sure your feet is not only clean but know we constantly on our feet and when we don't do anything to relieve stress from them,we allow dead cells to keep piling up which is bad.

I have a crazy ass friend that if he admires you and would wanna toast you, he won't look at your face or your body to check out what you wearing first but rather his eyes is going directly to your feet scanning for potential feet is the first place he will look at before he approaches you or when he has approached you,he is stylishly taking a peep at your feet while you talking and i also have my BFF whom am always on a constant feet competition with...geez this guy has natural clean annoying... so the point am trying to make is that as ladies my our feet tells a whole lot about us from our personality to our hygiene life. so pls ladies take out time to wash your feet it is very cannot put a new oil in an old bottle so likewise can you not put a dirty feet in a new beautiful shoe,it will not work. Guys in the house this also includes you...make sure you take out time to pedicure your feet..we ladies are not the only one that is expected to be neat,we also need to see them clean feet...guys with dirty feet puts me off big time.

 Below i will list out my home pedicure method:


1. water

2. shampoo( those very cheap ones they sell in gallons..the type regular salons use to wash hair)

3. foot brushes

4. pumice stone or black stone,

5. razor

6. Vaseline

7. foot deodorant

8. powder.

9. Towel


1. Get a large bowl filled with water,

2. Pour your desired quantity of shampoo into the bowl of water

3. Soak your foot inside for at least 20-30 mins so the hard cells can soften and start peeling out

4. Take out a foot and start scraping out the dead skin and after that use your various brushes to brush your foot then repeat process for the second foot.

5. Pour out the dirty water and replace the bowl with a clean one,

6. Put your foot inside the clean water for a minute while you rinse off,

7. Use a towel to dry off your foot

8. Pamper them by rubbing Vaseline and spraying foot spray(in-case you don't have,you can use your body spray)

9. If you wearing slippers, just spray a little powder on them before you wear it,so that you won't slip on you wet slippers.

With my little personal method,i hope you guys will come back to tell me how greatly it has helped you...apart from me doing this at home, i go for my salon pedicure once in 2 weeks.
Guys in the house,show us that you can beat we ladies to the game of clean foot.

written by Glowy..( this is my personal home pedicure method.)


naijaflo said...

There was a time this was my everyweek routine. I started becoming lazy to get the things . This just made me remember i have left it for some time.

Unknown said...

Tnx for the tip glowy... But I think warm water would be more effective.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this dear. I'll definitely try it out said...

Yes i use to think so not untill i tried out with ordinary water then it was the same result...the main agent is the shampoo... Moreso i dislike using warm or hot water cos of shrinking of the skin

Anonymous said...

Great post!

Please click on the link on my blog

Unknown said...

tanks for sharing dear, am definately going to try this out.

Unknown said...

I need to try this...**side eyes** when I have time mehn...hehe

Paola Lauretano said...

I would like to try it!!!
Take care always, love Paola, xo.

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Alabekee said...

Thanks Glowy, I'll try it out

saheed said...

Do I ever tried it? No no no

Unknown said...

Abeg don't have time for all this will better go to the salon Jare..

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

This is a great article. Thanks for sharing these tips. Will try.

Zamani said...

Nice post, will give it a try.

Unknown said...

Hi dear! Thanks for comming to my blog! I don't remember the last time I had a pedicure and i really need one!!

Sonia from Petite Dolce Vita

Anonymous said...

heheheheh! its just like a time out for me and leboo to visit the spa atleast once in a month,then i DIY sometimes when am less busy but now that blogs has taken over i make sure i visit spa once in a month and i do my daily scrubbing with the black stone after bath.morning and night i have a feet cream i use everyday

Carmen Cotugno said...

nice tips :)

Unknown said...

Mehn that are always on the hustle lane ain't got time for this ....
Woman got a lead

miss RedBen said...

I love this post,it's Educative..keep it up..