Friday, 19 June 2015

GSB Exclusive: Interview With Nollywood Actress Halima Abubakar.

Today am bring to you guys an exclusive interview i had with Halima Abubakar... She's not a new face in the industry so she doesn't need much introduction...but for formality sake,Halima is a Nollywood actress and a business lady....hmmmm...i love girls who work to make their own money.

You guys might say why Halima, the truth is that she's got a beautiful shoe style. We've got lots of women who are proudly shoe freaks and she's one of them.... enjoy the interview...meanwhile check out my first exclusive interview with the CEO of Haute Hijab

GSB: Hello Halima how are you today?

H.A: Am great thank you and you?

GSB: Am doing fine thanks. You've got an impeccable fashion what is fashion to you?

H.A: Fashion is being spontaneous and diverse...Feeling completely different from everyone.

GSB: Glowyshoe blog is all about celebrating and showcasing beautiful shoe styles and trust me you've got a great shoe will you say you a shoe freak?

H.A: I love shoes, i didn't have while in my teens,so when i started making lil money,i went shoe yes am a huge shoe chick.

GSB: How many shoes do you have in your closet right now?

H.A: Can't say how many but right now i have over 100 pieces of shoes.. i collect shoes like i make them.

GSB: How old is the oldest shoe in your closet?

H.A: The oldest shoe i have should be a 12 yrs old next shoe and i still rock it.

GSB: What's you best designer shoe?

H.A: I love different labels of shoes, high street or vintage or limited..but right now at the moment am loving Giuseppe Zannoti , Sophie Webster, Balmain, Aldo, Jessica Simpsons, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik.

GSB: What's the highest amount you can spend on shoe shopping?
H.A: I can go very high and really cheap sometimes.... I have $2000 shoes and 5k shoes..

GSB: Do you purchase strictly designer shoes or you also do random shoes too?

H.A: I mix my shoes with designers and non designers cos it's not always about the tag.

GSB: whats your best color and how do you take care of your shoes?

H.A: My best color is white or gold shoes and simple black for that official look. for taking care of my shoes, i clean weekly cos of humidity.

GSB: Which shoe can you never be caught wearing and which do you feel more confortable wearing?

H.A: I go out in bathroom slippers sometimes..i can rock men's shoes too.. i am not a high maintenance, just girly.

GSB: Can you let your friends wear your shoe and can you wear their's too?

H.A: No i don't borrow shoes and i don't give . i gift my feet are small whew.

GSB: When should we expect you to do a shoe giveaway

H.A: I do give away always to charity or people who need shoes, will let you know when next.

GSB: Thanks for taking out the time to talk to me..any word for your fans out there who are shoe lovers like you?

H.A: Awwwww thank you for having me,i appreciate... and to my fans, i know you know i love you all and keep the fire burning... Buy what you can afford and stay away from trouble..Kisses.

And it's a wrap...just stay tuned cos you never know who we will be having on board..and yes do state whose interview you will want to read next...we will try and make it happen.


Unknown said...

I like her but there aren't many pictures of her wearing different shoes. In fact I think she's wearing the same shoe in two of the pictures. So how do we know her show game is tight?

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Nice one!

naijaflo said...

Nice. Am impressed. I Love the blue shoes she' s wearing. Don' t know why I didn't find it when I went shoe shopping.

Miguel Gouveia said...

thank you so much :D

I love this patterns :D

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Unknown said...

Please do so shoe give away.. Glowy thumbs up..

Anonymous said...

I love this part
"I mix my shoes with designers and non designers cos it's not always about the tag "

Glowy you are doing a good job here, I remember when they used to Insult you on SDK, lolz yet you didn't give up on your passion.i remember when I dropped a word of advice on your blog as per how you can gain traffic. Lolz
Me sef dey talk like pro ..yimu

Unknown said...

Such a cool interview!

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miss RedBen said...

Ah glowy upper you,nice interview,but i dnt think she's got plenty designers shoe,glowy next time please future Adaeze yobo..

RO said...

Kudos for snagging the interview and those shoes are totally fab! Hope your day is awesome!

Alabekee said...

Woooww! Her wardrobe must be filled with different kinds of shoes. Let's have Mercy Aigbe in the next interiview. said...

Awwwww tnx dear it's not easy ooo am still hustling it out.. We shall all get there with time.. Xx

miss RedBen said...

Nice one,please next time interview adaeze yobo..