Friday, 26 June 2015

Friday Hotness:

This is a Repetto Bb Animal-Print Leather Ballet Flats.. Like i told you guys in previous post that most of the ballerina flats now are inspired by the ballet shoes and to be honest, this flats are beautiful and trendy..

The beautiful thing about these flats is that it comes in different trendy colors and designs so that yours would be different from others..maybe i will do a post of all the available colors and designers without including their designs or name cos if i should do include names and design,i tell you that we gonna sleep on this blog going through so many

Below is one beauty i admire for very vocal about my love for moccasins and loafers for guys come in here and feed your eyes on this perforated so cute .
Zara Man Cut-out leather driving shoes

P.S: i will be putting up a Sales post guys should watch-out for the post..


naijaflo said...

Love this zara cut out. Very nice

Unknown said...

Very beautiful flats. Flats works for me anytime anyway..

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks dear :D They are very very comfy :D

Ohhn, so beautiful flats :o

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miss RedBen said...

Cuties..the secound one look's,manish.. said...

@miss rEdben: yes the second is for men..that's zara man shoe.

Alabekee said...

Lovely pair of shoes; I like

miss RedBen said...

Am sorry,i didn't read all the write up,i just read few paragraph's and rushed to comment..

Dressed With Soul said...

Love especially the first pair :)
xx Rena
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Dressed With Soul said...

Love especially the first pair!
xx Rena
International Giveaway: Bags are More Than Fun for Me

Shireen L. Platt said...

Oh, those are some really pretty flats and sure do look comfortable too!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Anonymous said...

my love for flat shoes

Anonymous said...

I am such a shoe addict, love this post! Nice blog, too :)