Thursday, 14 May 2015

Joey Yobo In Dr Martens Kids Brooklee B Black Boots

You guys remember this picture from previous post here where italked about Adaeze and the said later i will analyse that of her son...well here is it .

Joey Yobo was seen out with his mama and ounger brother on mother's day,he looked stylish in a yellow versace top,balmain biker jean and then finished up with a Dr Martens Kids Brooklee B Black Boots that features a 4-eye lace hole,black leather,Side Zip-up,Heel loop,Yellow stitch.

We've seen this boots on North West while she was also given the pink as a gift.

Astylish kid is always a sight to behold.


Anonymous said...

he loloks cute in that look, and I like his mothers dress. :-*

Zamani said...

Nice climbers

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is nice