Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Have You Had Any Embarrasing Moment With Your Shoes..Gist Us Let's Laugh..

Have you ever been involved in an emarrassing siuation with your shoes before? You know we hear stories where people say i was so embarrased when my cloth tore or when my zip broke etc.

Here is an opportunity to tell our stories in relation to our shoes. this post is a repost from my previous post here..there's no stale thing in recalling past experience.

Hehehehehe......i remember a long time agao as i was walking,i felt a sudden wideness in my really felt akward cos the shoe was tight when i wore it and now all of a sudden it's loose..hmmm twas not funny at all as i bent down to check lo and behold the mouth have sha was really shameful and embarrasing because i was fully dressed to go somewhere. i just stood on,thinking of my life,looking left and right to see iff i could finde a shoe cobbler in sight but non came my way that's how i had to find my square root back home,changed 'em shoes and countinued my movement.

Since then i always have spare shoe in my bag because you don't know when and where the next embarrasement is chilling for you.looooll

aiit guys let's do the needful..keep your stories coming let's have a good laugh.


Unknown said...

Glowy how you dey? Honestly I have experienced this kind of embarrassment and it was a big blow to me, It happen on 14 th feb 2013, I will never forget this day, a friend of mine was into buying and selling of stock goods, I have been buying and introducing people to this lady until this faithful day, I saw a sandal I like but the colour was not what I want, I wanted a red colour so that I will rock it on feb 14th as per valentine grove, she called me on the 13 th that the sandals are ready, mine was red and my friends own was grey colour, I rush to her boutique and collected it immediately and paid 12,000 for the both of then , that is 6,000 Naira each. Then on 14 feb, in the evening time around 5 pm, my friend called me to get ready for the taking out, see me as I put my beautiful white jean trouser with a red jacket , oh my God, I put on my red sandal viam, we left to a t-junction to board a bike, as I try to climb the Okada, what did I see? The sandal break into TWO. That is the strap went off living me with the strap and the other one on the floor, I was Mad, immediately the Okada man noticed it and people around that are waiting for Okada saw it and was like ohhhhh Baby Sorry ohhh, maybe you will go back and change to slipass. That all these Aba sandals dey dissapoint.God if you see me You will see that I was suffocating right there, a sandal worth 6,000 Naira, I can't even boast of it, anyway the rest are history because the lady I bought it from , saw HELL from Me. said...

Lmao..angelic wife i cannot stop laffing..your sympathizers were indirectly mocking you..loool..thanks God you didnt go out with le boo..atleast you went out with a girl so shame will not too catch her...your own is worse ooo..hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

It happened last week Sunday ,I couldn't drive to church because all these Muslim people were having their walimat ceremony, so their tent was extended to our house. I already have the mind to rock my old wedge pink shoe, I have had it since 4 years ago but I rocked it like 4 times still looking new but it was dusty.
As I was cat walking out of the estate with my shoethe road is untarred so you can imagine the discomfort, na so my left leg shift commot, the strap was off the shoe Choi embarrassment. Thank God there was Mallam, and I had enough money, I just bought a flip-flop, I dint want to go back home cos all those Muslim people had seen me cat walking and I don't want them to make jest of me. I had to walk a long distance to get a cobbler.cos I must rock the shoe. Throughout in church till I got home I was jejely walking.

Aeroberry said...

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