Saturday, 30 May 2015

Am Feeling Blocked Can't Seem To Pen Down Anything

Hey lovelies;

How you guys doing? hope the democracy celebration in your various places went smoothly...well mine was all peaceful.

Guy's you will not understand what is doing me....mstweeh i don't know whether it's writer's block or pure laziness...cos seriously i can't seem to bring up myself to blog. I wanted talking about something topics but can't find the right words to pen down,everything seems annoying...or maybe it's because i made my hair yesterday and the pain is too much or what i don't understand...but anywaiz i just cant leave our blog hanging...i just have to scribble something down even if it's to ask obout our welfare,that is something.....
 Lemme share with you guys what i read during my quiet time, "Key To Happiness"

Food for thought: We go to great length in pursuit of hapiness in life, we spare neither expense nor efforts to obtain what promises to give us lasting joy,we enthusiastically adopt and practice all the formulas recommended by so-called experts,Yet,happiness remains elusive, Obviously then true happiness lies elsewhere... Our Lord Jesus has unveiled the key to real and genuie happiness which lies in showing mercy to others,for only then can we obtain mercy ourselves.

Never hesistate to be of help to people...for every help you render,a little smile is placed on your face.

Have a great weekend.




Alabekee said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Glo. There is absolutely nothing greater than being happy. Continue pushing, the Lord is your strength

Blogoratti said...

Hope you get your writing inspiration back. Best wishes!

LuckyGold said...

Thanks For This Post!
Happiness is what everyone needs!
Love this post...

Unknown said...

But glowy you just passed a very important message. What could be more inspiring than this?
Thanks for the reminder that genuine happiness comes only from God..

Only Yesterday Blog said...

aww i hope you'll be inspired with everything around you <3

Unknown said...

dear all your post are very inspiring

Anonymous said...

I find happiness when I show mercy on people but they have taken it for granted