Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Random Internet Pictures Of Brides Wearing Sneakers With their Wedding Gowns.

 below is more pix of how some brides can actually look good on their wedding gown coupled with oh the freaking SNEAKERS.

Enjoy.. If any blog visitor is planning on making this move,biko get in touch oo we need pictures..

This is a beautiful flower girl on sneakers instead of the norm al wearing of flats or mary jane shoes.
Photo credit: google


Unknown said...

This is so cool. I really love it. Who knowz, I may try it. #winks

Unknown said...

Why almost all the blog I visit today own by single lady's post the same thin?? hmmmmmmmmm

Wife to be hope you dey learn work? lolz

Unknown said...

This trend hmmmm lips sealed.