Thursday, 9 April 2015

Question Of The Day? + recharge card giveaway.

Hey glowyshoe dolls...hope you guys are great.. aiit today you guys are gonna guess what shoe this is and name at-least 5 celebrities you've seen wearing it plus make sure you include the links in your comment..
This is reserved for only blog id commenters only.

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Unknown said...

Glowy Nawah for you ohhhh, which kan question be this? Abi you no want give out the recharge card? Ohhh I don search tire so teee my bundle data finish, '''sad face'''ok ohhh since you don't want to give me recharge card, no problem, .God dey, imagine the time am still on glowys blog. Abeg send me mtn card to make I load and begin search again .
Bye bye
See you