Monday, 20 April 2015

GSB Exclusive: Interview With American Designer Melanie Elturk Of Haute Hijab.

As you all know, I am a lover of footwears and its all we talk about on this blog even though once in a while, we get to add other branches fashion such as clothes, handbags etc but majorly what we talk about here is shoes. 
In bringing you the latest news of the footwear Indutry, I also will be bringing exclusive interviews from celebs all round so we could read and have an insight into what their footwear world looks like. 

Without further ado, today i bring to you an exclusive interview i had with the beautiful and enviable designer Melanie Elturk of Haute Hijab where she talked about her love for fashion which eventually lead her into starting her own line and also what shoes means to her but the only heartbreaking news is that she's more into clothes than shoes.....but prefers statement shoes though.....

Anyways enjoy the excerpts from the interview never know who next you will be reading about.

GSB 1. Can we meet you pls?
ME: Absolutely! My Names are Melanie Elturk, an American Designer with Lebanese and Filipino heritage. 

GSB 2. You are a lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur ,what then is fashion to you?
ME: To me, fashion is the way in which I express myself. I love the quote, "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." Fashion first and foremost tells the world I am a practicing Muslim by the hijab I wear and it also says a lot about who I am - polished, presentable and fun!

GSB3. At what age or stage did you notice that you all about fashion and what was the driving force?
ME: I come from a family that is very conscious of what they wear. My mom and dad were my first fashion icons so it started pretty early for me. It was this knack I had where I just knew what worked and what didn't. It evolved into obsessing over fashion mags at a really early age, learning to sew and sewing clothes for myself and my friends, going into friends closets and acting as stylists, to finally starting my own line!

GSB4. I must really commend your impeccable fashion taste they are really beautiful when did you venture into the fashion industry and how has been so far?
ME: Thanks so much! It's been 5 years now and it's been amazing! The best part is that I'm able to do fashion while catering to the Muslim community and providing a service and product specifically for Muslim women. It's extremely rewarding and keeps me going everyday!
GSB5. As you know Glowyshoe blog is a blog that talks about shoes and celebrate people with good shoe styles and trust me you do with all the pictures of you I've seen. So first and foremost would you say you a shoe freak?
ME: Hehe I wouldn't say I'm a shoe freak although I do love a beautiful shoe! I'm more into clothing itself than I am into shoes or bags, but I definitely appreciate a well-crafted beautiful shoe - at times it can be like a work of art!

GSB6. Which is your favorite shoe designer and your favorite shoe type?
ME: Definitely Prada and definitely a point-toed pump with no platform. I am OBSESSING over this shoe at the moment.

GSB7. How often do you shop for shoes? and
ME: I don't shop for shoes as often as I do for clothes - usually it's when the shoe styles make a real change (like from almond toe to pointy toe for example) or as the seasons change and I need a new fresh pair of Summer sandals or Fall/Winter boots. 

GSB 8. Can you specifically state how many shoes you've got in your closet?
ME: As far as how many shoes I have it's probably around 30 pairs or so

GSB 9. How much can you put into shoe shopping?
 ME: I'm not one to spend a ton of money on anything really - just a few real investment pieces here and there but that's not to say I won't buy a designer shoe, it's just not that often that it happens. The average I pay for a pair of shoes are around $60 I'd say. 

GSB 10.. Are you only into designer shoes or do you also purchase random shoes?
ME: My favorite places to buy shoes from are Nordstrom, J.Crew, Nine West and DSW so no I'm not only into designer shoes - I only have one pair of designer shoes - a YSL pair that I got off eBay for a steal! They're the shoes I'm wearing here. I may just have to snag those Prada patent pumps though ;)

GSB 11. How long can you wear a pair of shoe before disposing them and how old is the oldest shoe in your shoe closest
ME: Most shoes I wear until they're so worn out that it's embarrassing to wear in public lol - like most of my style, I tend to stick to the classics and stay away from trends so I keep the shoes I buy for a long time! I have a ton of shoes and boots in my closet from college and they're over 10 years old! One fave is a pair of white strappy tie-up wedge sandals and another are Michael Kors lace-up knee-high boots.

GSB 12. Do you see yourself in the coming years starting a shoe line?
ME: I've actually never thought of it before - that would be VERY fun!

GSB 13. Before we conclude i know you have an online boutique i would want you to tell me how it works because now you gonna be having Nigerians who would be asking after your stuffs and is there any shipping pattern down here?
ME: Yup! We ship all over the world, including Nigeria! You can shop anytime at and choose from the various courier options we provide to Nigeria!

GSB 14.. Thanks so much for taking out time to talk to me i really appreciate how can we hook up with you on social media.

ME: Thank you! It was a pleasure! You can follow Haute Hijab on Instagram @hautehijab, Facebook, Snapchat @hautehijab and YouTube for some hijab tutorials!


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