Saturday, 25 April 2015

Father And Son Shoe Styles...Case Study: Peter Okoye And Son Cameron Okoye.

Hey ya'll doing? happy for mine i think it would go smoooth cos right now am just chilling my ass in my room.

I promised the guys this week that i was gonna bring something about father and son after i posted momma and mini girls shoes, well this is it..we gonna be studing...abeg the grammar is too big...simple and short you guys should enjoy the pictures i was able to compile.

This is peter okoye and his mini me son Cameron Okoye. This little boy's style is really cute i must say.. the best part of it is their wearing of identical shoes...that i like.

Well over to yoou guys..tell me what you guys think about the duos fashion or swaggggggg..

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Unknown said...

Beautiful, I love their outfits, money is good