Thursday, 23 April 2015

Couple who had an Air Jordan Themed Wedding...sneakers on wedding gowns.

This couple really shared their Air Jordan obsession with their guests on their big day. Look at the bridal bouquet made out of shoelaces and miniature polymer clay versions of Nike Air Jordan shoes, as well as the shoe centerpieces. It seriously made us wonder how big their sneaker collection is. EVENTually put together an awesome team for this..

Barbie: “Both of us are avid sneaker fans so it kind of went without saying that we would incorporate sneakers into our theme. We love watching basketball too, but it still came as a surprise when Jay proposed to me during halftime at a Lakers game. We wanted our guests to have fun and be comfortable so we asked them to wear sneakers to the wedding as well! Most of them dressed up according to the theme. The red and blue colours made it uniquely ours.”

culled: theweddingnotebok.

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