Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Shoe Diary 4 + How To Dispose Of Shoes in Naija Style.

Heys guys.. Am sorry my blogging of late has been alittle bit guys won't understand the plenty work that is piled up for me..well it's getting alittle bit lighter now....

Alright back to the post of today...this should be intresting.
Before i continue you can check out part 1-3 of my shoe diary here.

Of late this topic has been pondering on my mind and when situations like that happen,i try to research more on it or better still be creative in writing.. Yesterday a friend called me and was like Glory where are you? I then said am on my way to the market..its so funny how some of my close friends have noticed a good/bad thing about me cause when i said i was on my way to market, he then said what do you want to get..that question was so annoying because i was like before what do they get from the market? He laughed and said hmmm glory is it not you again..whenever you say you going to the market,you always come back with a new pair of bv's i didnt know when i started laughing because i knew that was true but i cannot just own up just like that..for what i sha did not buy any cos i wasn't holding enough cash with me) i use to go out with cash always in my purse but after a bad experience i had last year during my service year, nobody told me to stop carrying money about rather i go with my atm card wallet which is easier cos all you have to do is to ask them if they've got a pos. One has to be careful wuth this pos thingy because some banks will help you withdraw your money despite when you didnt do no pos transaction....mstweeh..abeg lemme not digress.

The truth is that when the opportunity (money) is available, as shoe lovers we don't waste anytime in running to the market to get shoes which am not saying is a bad thing infact it is very good..but the question we should ask ourselves is that after getting new ones,what are you gonna do with the old ones we still keep ..(my shoe rack must look full) i have a friend that does that very well infact she carrys phd in that department...i know the first thing that will come to our minds is to throw them away..but the truth is that you can do more than throwing them away.

Accumulation of shoes is not bad at all but once in a while,go through your shoe closest or racks and check out the shoes no longer make use of especially the ones that you have repaired so many times that shoe makers sef will tell you that they cannot repair the shoe again lol,such one's are to be thrown away while shoes that have not been dealt with and you know that you no longer wear them,you donate it out to charities or opharnage homes or even give people around you. Anorgee wat we can dispose of these shoes is by recycling....i don't know if it works here in nigeria whereby you give out your shoes to recycling companies who in turn recycle these shoes into so many useable things..

Learn to buy and at the same time learn to dispose..recently kim kardashian with the help of her husband kanye west,did a thorough ransack of her shoe closest to give out the shoes she no longer makes use doing so, it makes your closet or rack look neat and decent....

Let's try and be eco friendly with our shoe closet.



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