Monday, 23 March 2015

Mbok ! Why Wear Bathroom Slippers As An Outing Flips?

As the topic implies yea. I don't see any reason why some girls will dress up well and at the same time bring down their dressing by donning a paur of bathroom seriously who does that?

I know there are times whereby we get tired of wearing our heels or even the ballerina flats, so instead of wearing bathroom slippers for comfort,you can go to the market and choose from varieties of flat slippers that will compliment your outfits.

Most girls feel like its no big deal,or you will hear them say stuffs like "i no dey find husband" so na who come they find husband? So na until you dey find husband before persob go wear correct shoe abi? Mbok its not by force to put on heels. So instead of degrading yourself and your feet in public, abeg wear flat shoe... lemme give an example...when some girls would want to maybe go out to not too far places to get things, the nearest footwear to put on is the bathroom slippers and the funny thing is that when they eventually cone out to the publuc and start seeing zooming cars and people,the shame that will catch them is the one that they will wish the ground to open so they could jump instead of been in that kind of situation, just buy a flat slippers even if it becomes your one nation or ever faithful flips,no problem so far it is fine and it makes your feet look cute..

Girls so guys are crazy they actually analyse us from our appearance which starts from the sole of our do yourself a favor even if you not dressing to please any man, please yourselves by leaving the bathroom slippers for its purpose indoor and the wear the flat slippers outdoor.
 This slippers above can be worn with your ankara materials or a flared,pleated or tulle skirts even gowns too.
 This can be worn with your jeans,pencil skirts
 This looks better in a pencil jean trousers and maybe a pencil can also wear it on a maxi straight skirt
 According to our mothers, they call slippers like this knock about. i don't need to explain further
 This too looks better on natives and gowns

I dislike thong slippers like this because of the way it widens one's feet..this kinds of slippers are best for slim feet and since my feet sre not too slim,i gat to pass..

I wish when you girls read this, you will change from wearing shoes that are meant for indoor purposes out..

When you wear bathroom slippers out,it makes you look dirty and pun intended..but ut is the truth.
As for the men i will come for ya'll tomorrow.


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Kenyan Blogger said...

Totally against bathroom slippers won as shoes.
I believe in matching up an outfit, whether in flats or heels but never dressing it down to slippers