Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How Do You Feel About Wearing Okrika Shoes?Lol..

I did this post before when i just started but am forced to redo it due to an argument i had with someone yesterday...she was like glory i can never wear used shoe or simply put okrika shoes whether first grade(second new) or second grade.....me i was like babes forget...at a point in our lives even if it was just once...we definitely did buy okrika shoes..whether you wore it for long or you didn't..the koko is that you have worn it before...now let me analyse it below.

Used Shoes:

The thought of wearing used shoes maybe uncomfortable to some people but to some others, finding that right used shoe is like getting a pair of vintage shoes which they will eventually cherish with time.

Used shoes in a lame man's english simply means, shoes that have been worn, and then resold or given out to be worn by another person. Another term you could describe used shoes are"Second Hand Shoes" under which we have first grade and second grade shoes and the first grade is also known as second new shoes. But generally known as "OKRIKA shoes"

A simple description below...





The first grade shoes or the second new shoes however you want to call it,simply means used shoes that has been worn once,twice or thrice,then you decide to resell it cos maybe you no longer love it or see the beauty in it like the first day you bought it. While the second grade or the third new are shoes that have been worn couple of times then sold out.

As funny as it may sound,alot of people buy these shoes,thereby making it a booming business. When you walk around the markets where all of these used shoes are sold,they look so nice, cleaned and polished to look appealing to the masses.

Some people will be quick to say "God forbid...me wear used shoes... Nooooo... ok let me put it this way...if you say you can't wear used shoes,why then do you put or use a public fork in your mouth at a restaurant? You can't wear used shoes,but you can gather the shoes you no longer have need of to give for charity and you expect people to wear them?#ponders...but the truth of the matter is that each and everyone of us no exceptions at one point in our lives have worn used shoes,before we got the money to start patronising designers and high end street fashion labels.

Used shoes afterall are not that bad to to purchase and are quite affordable . Apart from going into the market to make purchases,we've got alot of online shops and stores you could buy used items even our favorite designers e.g ebay,olx etc. These are stores that allow you sell any goods or product of your choice,be it used or unused.

We are all fashioned to the ideology that used shoes are usually bought from the markets and so on.....but one fact we must know is that once someone or a friend gives you a shoe he/she has worn, that is also termed as a used shoe because the shoe has been worn by that individual before he/she gave it out.

If you see a shoe on someone,even if its your family member that owns it,and you show interest and you are given,my dear you are about wearing a used or second hand shoe.

We don't have to go to the market to meet second hand shoes rather second hand shoes will come and meet us at home.

So for all my pals who have been patronising or about patronising used shoes,bear in mind the following...

*wash and dry the shoes before wearing

*clean and disinfect them(for those of you in a hurry to just wear them without washing)to avoid contacting athletic foot or any bacteria associated with the feet

*spray deodorant into them and you are good to go.

My fellas,keep rocking your okrika shoe joo..no one will know the difference rather you'll recieve compliments..(straightface)

Now am gonna throw the question to the house lets know your views...can you wear second hand shoes or not? OR if you can't go to the market to get them,you can send someone right?

*Written by Glowyshoe.

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Avril said...

Lol@ your last sentence...I can definitely wear used shoes as long as they are pretty and comfy