Sunday, 29 March 2015

Guys I Couldn't Blog Yesterday And Am So Sorry About That

Hey guys how ya'll doing.... hope you went out to be a patriotic citizen by casting your

Yesterday if you guys noticed i didn't blog and am so sorry about that and thanks for still visiting it really means alot to me but seriously the house arrest of yesterday did me good..whew. i used that time to sleep my head off cos i've been going through alot of stress blogging and doing other things which has totally changed my sleeping pattern ..i hardly sleep at night cos i have to prepare my post for the next day..but am happy i took some time off.

Abeg no one should ask me why i didn't vote ooo...PVC did not reach my end so i had to cool it off at home.

I Thank God the election was peaceful where i am based cos it was not a funny in everybody was travelling and those that could't travel, had to shift base to other safer areas but in all we thank God...

But come to think of it this election made the prices of things to soar high it was that terrible..cos when i went to the market to get some toiletries, my dearies i left that market with annoyance cos i couldn't get everything that i wanted because i had calculated the amount i needed and worst of it was that most of the shops were closed because of fear of violence. It was really annoying but what shall i do..

I saw some pictures of our celebs who went to cast their vote,they were looking really dressed down unlike their normal i was thinking they were gonna come out in their full glamour but it's all good tho..

Ok this is it...i have to rush up so i won't be late for church....

do have a pleasant sunday guys



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