Monday, 16 February 2015

Well Well Well: See who forgot to remove the price tag off her shoes.

Anna Kendrick was seen on Wednesday at the Universal Studios Hollywood where she was been interviewed by "Extra" host Mario Lopez.She talked about her new musical film, ""The Last Five Years." She also talked about the upcoming "Pitch Perfect 2,"

She Opted for a cool and casual look which includes a green-and-purple printed tee with fitted black pants and a gorgeous Casadei “Blade” pumps which gave her added a 4.5 inch to her height.

Well her look was beautiful if only she didn't commit one common fashion faux pas, though — forgetting to remove the price tag stickers from the bottom of her shoes Which i think everyone is very guilty of and i don't think we can blame her maybe she must have been too busy to notice them! Lemme gist you guys my story..
My Note:

Have you ever been guilty of that? pls share with us.

Lemme share mine....pls don't laugh...alright.. tho i can't really remember how many times it has happened,but the one i can remember vividly remember was that i got a very cute handbag last year,and i totally forgot about the price tag that was pasted underneath the bag that it took a friend of mine this year to tell me ahnn Glory did you just buy this bag? i was like noooo i've had it for a while now,he was now like hmmm nawa oo remove the tag nau..i felt embarrased cos i totally forgot....guess what... i removed it this year January something that was gotten middle of last year..lool..that was the only embarrassing moment i can remember.
Let's hear yours guys..

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