Friday, 6 February 2015


What do you guys think is the best gift to give out to Le Boo this valentine?

For me i think gifts for the girls should include the following..*chocolates,*perfumes and *shoes you can like to add teddy bear its not a bad thing. 

while for the guys..hmmmm lemme think...chai this one is hard oo...ok i have some ideas...his gifts should include the following *wristwatches,perfumes, for the guys yea you can also get a his and hers cute wristwatches which is really cool and romantic..

My fellow Bv's lets make this lively by sharing with us what you think is the best gift to give out...


Avril said...

I think either Shoes,T.shirts and wrist watches are cool for the guys

McQueen said...

IMO,I think a tight hug is enough for Le Boo!hehehe