Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My Shoe Diary 3.

Hello is another episode of my shoe diary lol..abeggy let me cut the formalities..

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Well for today am gonna share with you guys how i tried one out of my don'ts in shoes..which simply means..i finally wore a shoe that i never thought i would be caught dead wearing.....its the THONG sandals...the name alone sounds nasty,,any ways back to the matter.

Last week saturday i was gifted with this beautiful BCBGeneration metallic gold leather thong sandals above and to be honest it is beautiful..but immediately i collected it, the next thing that came out of my mouth was..hmmm i don't wear thong sandals should have gotten something in i didn't even say thank you i just showed my displeasure with the style of the friend that gave me looked at me and said glory gerrout joo you don't know what fits that my mood have spoil already i didn't even want to hear that one i just packaged it and kept somewhere thinking on how i was gonna be uncomfortable rocking it..anyway after all the back and forth arguments, i rested my case that the shoe is fine..

Then came Sunday morning..after dressing up i was testing the shoes i was gonna wear when all of a sudden my eyes went to the new sandals...kai i looked at it for some many thoughts running through my head... i just had to close my heart and decided to wear it but at first when i was walking out of the room, to be honest i felt uncomfortable but before you know it i was stepping was ok..i even got some side eyes staring at the church sef i made sure my legs were stretched out...hahaha..don't mind me joo..i really felt ok..but that doesn't mean it has changed my perception about hating to wear thong sandals..

I have a major critic for my shoes...he was even the first person that made me dislike thong sandals..well i pray he says nice things about this one tho..#puppyface.

P.s sorry am just showing only the feet..there was no one to snap me that's check out more shoe styles of mine, just follow me on instagram...@glowyshoe 


Unknown said...

Biko the thong sandal is fine Joor, if you don't like it, Biko give it to me I will appreciate it, atleast it will be my first gift from glowy shoe blog. said...

Loool..don't worry dear..just keep visiting will do a shoe giveaway soon

Olori Adetilewa said...

Shoe give away soon? Isorait.. I don turn ya customer... Kikiki