Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Iggy Azalea Finally Launched Her Footwear Collection..

Iggy Azalea has finally launched her long-awaited footwear collection in collaboration with Steve Madden. All 40 styles were released just hours ago at Steve Madden and you’ll find everything from mesh heels, chunky platforms, to metallic slides.

With 6.3 million Instagram followers and 4.08 million Twitter followers, Iggy’s top priority has been to make an affordable collection for her fans. “I wanted to make shoes your girlfriends would love and your boyfriends wouldn't understand,” the 24-year-old Australian recording artist and model told Instyle Magazine, and that “I really tried to make sure it didn't look like anyone else’s shoe”.

Well check out the shoes below and tell us what you think about her designs?

Iggy Azalea Steve Madden Brixxton

 Iggy Azalea Steve Madden Ono

 Iggy Azalea Steve Madden Paatra

 Iggy Azalea Steve Madden Tempo-S

 Iggy Azalea Steve Madden Hi-Top

 Iggy Azalea Steve Madden Get-It

 Iggy Azalea Steve Madden Bout-It

 Iggy Azalea Steve Madden Ale

 Iggy Azalea Steve Madden Rundown

Iggy Azalea Steve Madden Scubaa.

Iggy Azalea Steve Madden Checkit

 Iggy Azalea Steve Madden Shine-on

Iggy Azalea Steve Madden Pressin

You can check out the whole collection and order them at Steve Madden and all the shoes goes for $69.95-$129.95......i don't know how to do conversion so i can't tell how much it is..loool..don't mind me joo..this one that our Naira is jumping up and down..so annoying cos it's making online online transaction crazy..

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Avril said...

I'd pass on most of them,heavy soles(akpola).....Buh I like the Brixtton and the Scubaa.