Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Joe Manganiello in Air Jordan 11 “Infrared” Retro Sneakers.

Joe Manganiello was spotted leaving a restaurant after having dinner with friends in Los Angeles, California.

The actor and fiance of Sofia vegara wore a white hooded tee on a black t-shirt which he paired up with a Camouflage Nike Speed Vent Shorts and a pair of Air Jordan 11 “Infrared” Retro Sneakers.
My Note:

In as much as i like guys on sneakers, i also dislike when it is tastefully dressed up with... like seriously how would you wear this kind of sneakers on a long jean trousers like seriously do you know hoe you gonna look like? gosh..

Sneakers like this are best with shorts or if you wanna turn them into running shoes,,,it's fine..not that you then wear it as your day out shoe..honestly if you come close to me with it,i will so snub you..am not saying you must wear expensive shoes,but at least guys com'on wear nice shoes..ladies are watching you the same way you guys also watch them..how would you feel if you dressed anyhow and pass a group of ladies and in your mind you have kacked up...mshtewww by the time you start hearing laughter no one will tell you to double your steps.

Pls guys know the right sneakers to wear at the right time and moist especially with the right kind of trousers.


Sneakers: purchase at Nike.

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