Thursday, 29 January 2015


Hey girls today we gonna play guessing game..i will put up a cropped picture like the one above and you guys are gonna have to guess who the leg belongs to and what shoe the person is wearing.......aiit lets get started

This gorgeous cropped feet belongs to a rising not gonna tell you whether its a nigerian or not..its left for you guys to guess..anyways back to the matter..she's wearing a beautiful orange and brown strappy sandals...wait ooo were you thinking i was gonna mistakenly write out the name of the shoe ..naaah i don't think so..lmao..

You have two answers in one..

1.who is the owner of the feet and

2. What shoe is she wearing?

Giveaways attached...pls make sure you comment with your blog id and your email address....anonymous commenters will not participate in this giveaway..

Am thinking of making this giveaway every week or 2weeks on a particular day..what do you guys think?help me out here..


Avril said...

Its too difficult,more clues please.......I think every week is cool

McQueen said...

Dis question is too difficult!we need more clues mbok...Or I'll pass.I support the every week thingy too said...

Avril... I was even praying you should not get worry i will add clues

Avril said...

Lmao....haba,I'd make sure I get....waiting for more clues said...

@McQueen......dnt worry i will add some clues tomoro