Friday, 23 January 2015


I have received lots of mails asking me where to purchase quality shoes for less, most of them,i was not able to reply cos i was taking my time to surf around to make sure when i redirect you,you will be able to get the worth of your money even tho it's just #500 cos money is really hard to come by.

On my blog i talk about crazily expensive designer shoes that all one can do is just to admire from afar but at the same time,i made sure to explain that even tho you might not be able to get all of the designer shoes and so on,you can still get designer styles for less which simply means good retail houses get inspiration from designer labels to make their own with their name or label on it .this is quite better than going around wearing fake designer named imitations.e.g someone making a designer style and still using the designer name on it...that is so wrong.

Now glowyshoe is come to the rescue..konga actually have beautiful shoes you can choose from all you have to do is click on the banner which will redirect you to the well selected shoes i have made and trust me guys they will be worth every penny you put down..

Konga is one platform i am recommending to everyone i come across.. i have purchased lots of unique shoes on konga which to be honest as given me great satisfaction. For any occasion,konga is the best market place to go to that i assure you..

Am not just referring to the ladies guys or men are also included..I've i told you that konga really have beautiful moccasins..If you didn't know,now you know..all you need also do is to click on the banner and shop

Lastly guys don't hesitate to ask for my help when looking looking for any shoe cos we don't know all and we will really need the help of people to put us through..lemme simply put it i will be your personal shoe shopper if the grounds warrant it.

Nothing pleases me more than seeing the satisfaction on your faces when you wear a nice pair of shoes.

So what are you guys waiting the banner and shop to your heart content..