Sunday, 25 January 2015


Hey guys,

How ya'll doing..hope your weekend was a blast..well mine was just there,coupled with the fact i use to have half half sleep..but all the same t'was good.

now am gonna give you give the chance to ask me questions and i will gladly answer you..i just wanna make this blog as interactive and social as it can be.....abeg i will not answer personal questions oo..just giving you guys heads-up oo..

By the way sef what are you guys wearing to church today? girls wear something that you know will make you feel for my guys in the house... lemme think for you people...hmmmmm..yes! loafers&mocassins..i love seeing guys on sexy..

well as for me i have sorted out my native but i've not made up my mind on the footwear to wear mshtweeh...lemme not stress my brain plenty..when day breaks i will sort that one out joor..

You can also send in pictures of your shoe styles..



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