Thursday, 25 December 2014

Yay its Christmas...MERRY CHRISTMAS

Yay today is christmas...i can feel the joy in some people's face while in some they have the look of it's just like any other days...well i can can not tell you guys how to act up yeah but one thing i know is that you should be joyful. You might not be celebrating the christmas does not mean you shouldn't be happy on this day.

 All i pray is that this day should end in a good note and mke sure you say a little prayer for our brothers and sisters who are in other parts of nigeria that might not be free to celebrate this day because of the situation of things right now.

All in all girls in the house ya'll gats to kak know what i mean#winkzz..that heels you've been unable to wear,close eyes and knack it.. day wilk not kill you but remember to put slippers or sandals in your bag ooo..don't say i didn't tell for the guys i know sneakers will be causing go slow today but one thing you should know is that you must always keep them stylish...

You guys can always send in your pictures and i wil, gladly post them....lets have fun..

Once a again Merry christmas and a happy new year in advance.



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Immaculate said...

Merry christmas Glow, hope you are having fun, Enjoy!!! Mwahhhhhhh******