Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Lindsay Lohan in Christian Louboutin “Resillissima” Boots.

Lindsay Lohan was seen as she looked fabulous at the LOVE Magazine Christmas party at The Ivy Market Grill on Monday evening.

The mean girls actress donned a short shiny dress from Balmain Paris and accessorized with jewelry by Crow’s Nest while she then finished up with a Christian Louboutin “Resillissima” Boots which features a black suede upper,almond toe,mesh style,buckle at ankle,back zip,2 inch platform and a 6 inch heel height..

My Note: 

Lindsay is recently known for her love for towering heels just like Victoria Beckham which ain't bad at all. The only way you can be comfortable with a 6 inch heel is if it has a 2 inch platform to go with will be so wrong to wear a 6 inch heel without platforms.the extra heel which is the platform is there to give balance and support. When your orthopedic shoes have platforms,you are a bit safe compared to those without..geeeez i can only imagine the way a lady will walk with such heels without platforms...the muscles of your feet will be strained to their limit and any slight mistake on your part to misstep,,hmmmm, that person is so in for it.

I can remember an incident that happened in my school where a girl wore her towering heels just to party and the story turned sour..she was later seen during exams with crutches..
As beautiful,sexy and alluring 6 inch heels could be,make sure there's a 2 inch platform to go with it and also be careful with your walking step.

These so gorgeous beauties in almond toe is sold out...sad yeah...naah you shouldn't be cos this is someone's house rent fee...if you know what i mean..heheheheheh

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