Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Jay Z in Classic Timberland boots.

Jay Z was seen on a date as he went on a date night with beyonce on Monday December 22 in New York City.

The rap mogul was wearing a long tan shearling lined coat on a grey t-shirt,blue pants and a pair of classic Timberland boots.

My Note:

Timberland boots are beautiful when worn in the right manner but honestly yeah,i find the boots more sexier on ladies..daaayummm especially when you wear it with a plaid shirt and a bum shorts..you go all the way..
No wonder a lot of our celebrities are into these boots.both local and international,and for local mostly the guys cos i don't think I've seen our ladies on the boots.

So guys can you tell me what clothing you paired up with your timber boots?waiting for responses