Tuesday, 18 November 2014

YAAAAAY: Glowy sofiscated blog just got her first feature..

Nigerian Blog of The Day- Glowy's Sofiscated Shoe Blog

Featured Nigerian Blog of The Day- Glowy's Sofiscated Shoe Blog

Hello lovely NgBlog readers and fervent fans, we bring to you, the blog of the day. It takes NgBlog reviewers a lot of hard work and time to review a blog before featuring it here. We don't only consider comments because there are amazing blogs that don't have much comments for reasons best known to the readers and blog owner...but that doesn't make such blogs irrelevant, so we ensure we give every Nigerian blog an opportunity of being exposed here on NgBlog.

We do not charge or collect money to review blogs...I and my blog crew do it for free, sometimes they just submit a blog they feel is fascinating to them, and we feature it.

So no need writing me to inquire how much it cost to feature your blog on NgBlog because I won't respond to such mail....but if you want your blog banner placed on the sidebar, you can contact me...but featured blog is free based on what NgBlog reviewers submit.

So today, we are featuring- Glowy's Sofiscated Shoe Blog!

The owner of this blog is a female Radio Presenter...she has passion for lovely shoes, lol, everyone does I know but Glowy's own is obsession, and that I think inspired her into starting a shoe blog, which I do read regularly because it gives you tips on what shoe to go for or knowledge of what is in vogue.

Glowy Sofiscated Shoe Blog is really a blog I would recommend to anyone who wants to keep up with shoe fashion trend...remember, it doesn't cost a fortune to own pretty shoes, whether as a guy or as a lady, and don't forget again that your shoe defines your class and personality, so pay more attention to your shoe as Glowy is making us understand.

One thing I love about Glowy's Sofiscated Shoe Blog is the fact that its focused on one niche- shoes....and not jumping around like us...lol....she has found a niche for herself and I am sure if Glowy continues like this, her blog is going to be one of the blogs to reckon on when it comes to shoe fashion. So, go GLOWY!

What else? Kindly visit Glowy's Sofiscated Shoe Blog by Clicking Here!

Enjoy the blog and always visit for updates...don't be a sunday-sunday visitor, lol...have fun!!!

- See more at: http://www.ngozikanwiro.blogspot.com/2014/11/nigerian-blog-of-day-glowys-sofiscated.html#sthash.A22hHY7K.dpuf

This might look either small or big to you guys eyes yea...but to me, this is huge and i pray more keeps coming in Jesus name..
It is something of joy when you see your work and labour been appreciated whether you know the person or not..thanks to Ngozikawiro..this is really touching...

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