Saturday, 8 November 2014

VEXATION TIME:how will someone say she has too many shoe? who agrees with that...

Yesterday i was gisting with a friend,urging her to get a new pair of ankle strap heels,when she saw the shoe,she admitted the shoe was nice...but the weird part was when she said ''kai Glory i have too many shoes am done buying'' i just paused couldn't say anything instantly but when i gathered momentum,i told her how will you say you have too many shoes,how possible is that? no girl says that at all..even Kim K will tell you that she doesn't have enough shoes...geez..abeg ooo..

Am an advocate for all the beautiful shoes out there...if its possible get them in are not committing any sin.

I don't think i will get to the point of having enough when my shoes don't stay long with me, always on the move hmmm i gats to replace nau...that's where someone will now tell me they have enough...hian...all those one's having that mentality should please park well ooo...lool.

I use to have this naughty friend of mine...she's just like me who is obsessed with least my own is better i still do sanitation so i could have room to add more..but her...hmm mm her case is friend never gives out or dispose her shoes even when it is glaring that the shoe is no longer too ok,she still keeps them just to occupy space ,making it look like she has plenty shoes..that is where someone will sit down somewhere an say he or she has too many...mstweee,,,

This is to my friends out there that are having the mentality of too many shoes,please i am begging ya'all carry me along with you next time you are shopping cos i know you will use long fork to jump over,but me i promise i will use that same long fork and draw those shoes closer to me cos they need me.

My fellow blog readers whether male or female this is directed to you plenty plenty shoes. if its possible buy them in different colors whether designers or non designers cos you don't know when you will need them.

P.S:...move far away from anybody that tells you that you don't need too many is non of their business what you do with your shoes..
Have a great off to bed.zzzzz



Unknown said...

Hmmmmmm. Waiting Kin K and Co go talk now?

Unknown said...

Am mad 4 shoes

Anonymous said...

Omo, I am inspired to buy more shoes.
Actually, there is this old wedge shoe I have in pink colour I bought it 3 years ago, I wore it maybe 5 times, I rock it today the shoe still make sense, but hubby said I shd give it out that it's old school