Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Skinny jeans are staple wears for women,and it could also be known as pencil jeans. in as much as pencil jeans are beautiful and sexy,bringing out the curves or slim nature,the beauty could also be ruined by pairing up with the wrong type of shoe..

I will try as much as possible to be detailed,if possible using the lay man's English in this post just so we could understand and make little adjustments.

Before wearing our skinny jeans, we should note that the shoes we choose to wear will always be on
blatant display therefore wear the right shoes..below are some of the shoes that can go well with skinny jeans..

1. Skinny Jean and Wedge Sneakers:
Wedge sneakers.

Skinny jeans and sneakers can offer a cool and casual look, but some sneaker styles work better than others that why i specifically used wedge sneakers. wedge sneakers paired with pencil jeans,tends to bring out the femininity in one's self than the normal all stars converse we are used to seeing around. the regular high top converse brings than the jeans thereby giving you the boyish walking tendencies..

2. Skinny Jeans and Ballet Flats:

round toe ballet flats.

pointy toe ballet flats.
Ballet flats paired with pencil jeans are very beautiful and chic too. but one thing i would want each and every one of us to understand about the ballet shoe is that it comes in 2 known shape which is the pointy toes and round toes.

If you have long legs and narrow hips,the round toe ballet flats are great option Since they're not at all bulky, they won't stand out or call too much attention to your feet, and they also help continue the lean silhouette created by the skinny jeans.
shoes with pointy toes can also make your feet look very the choice is yours.

3. skinny jeans and booties.


Skinny jeans paired with booties is really a good gives you an elegant look.
The easiest way to pull them off is to remember that it's a balancing act: if the booties have platform soles or chunky heels, you need a bit of volume on top as well.

If you're going for a slim head-to-toe look, try a pair of more refined booties with less bulk.

4. Skinny Jeans and Basic Pumps.
basic pump

Basic pumps with slightly pointed toes work best with skinny jeans. so to get the best result for your pencil jeans is by paring them up with i said in previous post,you dont need to go for the Victoria Beckham 6 inch heel height, 4 inch is good for you.

Wearing high heels with skinny jeans helps to elongate the legs, so it's natural that shorter women, and those with curves, would be attracted to the combination.

But wearing skinny jeans with stilettos also creates a very narrow "base," which means the middle of your body is going to look bigger by comparison.

other shoes you could pair up with includes sandals e.g strappy flat sandals,ankle strap stilettos and flips. while you can also pair up with wedge pumps instead of wedge sandals

In conclusion, skinny jeans are best with ballet flats,pumps,wedge sneakers or pumps and strappy sandals with flips for more relaxed look.Not all shoes can be paired with skinny jeans..


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