Saturday, 11 October 2014


Ankle boots is another beauty every women should have in her shoe closet,shelf or rack..they are never out of fashion rather new styles keep evolving as days go by.
it comes in both close and opened toe which is known as the peep toe booties..i personally i prefer going for the peep toe boots cos it looks for chic and gorgeous than the closed boots.

The beauty about these heels is the fact that you have a cool protector covering your entire feet and at the same time displaying your well trimmed toes.
we are all used to the peep toe heels which i can bet that not many of us are comfortable wearing it because we have it at the back of our mind that we gats to be careful oooo before our feet slip forward. But when it comes to the booties,you have no fear of  your feets looking for an escape

One major advice i will give about buying options is that you should buy according to your size not going to look for the oversize like our oyibo sisters do.
The beauty of the booties is when it clings well to your feets that when you walk, you feel like you walking on the moon..

Materials and styles

Our designers has made buying easy for us with the choice of different materials ranging from


*leather etc while styles range from leopard design to studded booties e.t.c.and various other colors.


Your shoes have feelings therefore you need to give them maximum care for them to serve you well..make sure you either wash or wipe your booties if its in leather upper and for the suede,you should have your suede spray and brush for effective cleaning.

Buying option

You don't necessary have to go for the high end designer labels we have lots of designer inspired styles around which go for not talking of going to buy the replicas of the designers oooo...its not by force to wear designer shoe..
This weekend i know lot of us will be having places to go such as parties,cinemas and so on...all i would want you guys to do is step up your game by donning a pair of peep toe booties pair it with either your jean,skirt(flared,straight),gowns(mini,midi) and trust me you will make heads i always say when you wear the right shoe,it will always take you places.


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