Friday, 10 October 2014



Hey guys,,,

I just want to use this medium to thank ya'll for your continuous visit to my blog. When i look at my traffic right from when i started in December last year till now, am just amazed and word..."WOW''and all i can wish for is God's guidance as i keep be honest blogging is not easy but have come to love it.

All i am working for is to share thoughts,knowledge and styles of various shoe styles for ya'll's satisfaction and i would love you guys to take out time to tell me....

*what you think about my blog

*what do you think are my errors and how to correct them.

*what you want to be seeing on my blog

Am open to i always say my blog is a free platform for everyone to share their thoughts and views..

if you've got shoe styles you would love me to showcase on my blog,feel free to contact me and i will gladly do so,

Have a great weekend


Amy said...

Hey!9ce work,try 2 showcase more 9ja styles n whr we can purchase affordable she'os here.

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog in comment of linda ikeji, my dear you need a lot to upgrade as a blogger. Visit website, facebook,twitter like linda is doing,u will be current


Unknown said...

I hav a blog but i dont know what 2 blog about

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!u doing grt,just like somebody said u nid to show more of naija styles!keep it up

Anonymous said...

I love your blog.
It will be great if you can do look for less for the shoes you showing what close or almost that at a cheaper price,of course naija styles like some said already.
Expand the blog by posting different type of naija hair style,How to wear blazers with Jean,ask your visitors to post their best outfit here.The shoe to for that works for different outfit.shoe protection and usage.The next big thing in shoe world.make a video on how to walk in heels.

Unknown said...

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