Saturday, 25 October 2014

Lewis Hamilton in Christian Louboutin ‘Rantus’ sneakers,

Lewis Hamilton was seen as he left C restaurant after a date night with Nicole Scherzinger on tuesday October 21 in London, England.

The British Formula One racing driver wore a Kenzo ‘Twin Peaks’ sweater, over a pair of artfully ripped denims and suede Christian Louboutin ‘Rantus’ sneakers in eveque

My Note:
His sneakers is gorgeous eye matter how we try to look for fault in his appearance,i bet y'all there ain't nothing wrong with his ensemble.....GO

Guys in the house come here lemme tell y'all something..hold your eyes,open it shoe speaks volume.its tells or shows the kind of person you are in terms of neatness and composure..please wear good more thing..its not just about wearing good shoes,its also about taking care of them...its really disgusting when a guy pulls off his shoe and the whole room or area is engulfed with the foul odour from his shoe..


Sneakers: purchase at Christian Louboutin.

Sweatshirt: purchase at Farfetch.

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