Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Justin Verlander in Tom Ford Russel leather sneakers

Justin Verlander was seen as he engaged in some retail therapy with girlfriend Kate Upton on Saturday October 25 in the SoHo area of New York City.

The Detroit Tigers baseball player wore a black and grey colored v-neck sweater on a black jean trousers while matching up with black Tom Ford Russel leather sneakers which features a black calfskin upper, lace up tie and white rubber sole.

My Note:

His jean trousers didn't flatter his sneaks at all considering the fact he's putting on an high tops sneakers..

guys when wearing your high tops sneakers,especially when you not on pencil jeans, make sure the hem of your jeans rests on the neck of the sneakers. in doing so, the beauty of the shoe will come out. Not when you know you wearing high tops,then you allow your trousers to cover it up as if you on basic low sneakers..
Your shoe should speak for you...when looking at the shoe from afar,one would think its some cheap shoe he's wearing not knowing its a $990 price tag shoe and to even crown it all its Tom Ford,,..Justin Verlander mind yasef.

His sneakers can be purchased at Tom Ford.

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