Saturday, 18 October 2014

DESIGNER VERSUS NON DESIGNER: Isabel Marant Paw Calfskin Leather Sandals in Black

                                          Isabel Marant Paw Calfskin Leather Sandals in Black
                                       purchase at Forward by elyse walker, Barneys, MyTheresa.

Here is another designer worth getting which is the Isabel Marant Paw multi-strap leather sandals.. Although am not really a fan of multi strap sandals but i must confess this are beautiful.. but then again we have to use long spoon and jump over because of price..let's just do ourselves that favour.

But then again you guys shouldn't worry I've found this beauties for less.

Above is our gorgeous Cameron Diaz wearing the isabal marant sandals on different occassions.

                                                Bebe Sacha Strappy Pumps.
                                                       purchase at Bebe.

                                                 Spurr “Benson” Criss Cross Heels
                                                         purchase at The Iconic.

                              Jessica Buurman “ALINA” Strappy Open Toe High Heel Sandals
                                                purchase at Jessica Buurman.


Anonymous said...

Glowy girl, you are the best, this gift can't
Be taken from you, keep up the good work & remain blessed. *** Gee ***

Anonymous said...

Well said anon 12:23.Glowy sure knows her way with go girl.