Friday, 24 October 2014

DESIGNER VERSUS NON DESIGNER: Givenchy Rose Print Slip On Sneakers.

                                       Givenchy Rose Print Slip On Sneakers 
                        also available at: Net-a-porter, SaksFifthAvenue and Farfetch.

Slip on shoes are really trending this summer. every body is looking for an opportunity to pair their outfits with a pair of slip on shoes.
The best thing about this slip on shoes is that you can wear it with virtually anything without feeling odd and it is very very comfortable.

As beautiful and well crafted this slips are,the price which is from $570- $690 will only make us run instead of bringing us close..never the less we can still get same design for less which falls around $99-$160..which i think is OK

Oya come down from the upper one and view the lower understand what i mean..lmao..

Below are other beautiful Givenchy inspired slip on for you to pick from...

                                     Mollini “Vincenzus” Floral Print Slip-On Sneakers

                                                 Schutz ''Rosa" Slip On Sneakers
                            Also available at RevolveClothing, 6pm, Zappos and Amazon.


                                             Choies Floral Print Slip-On Sneakers

                                      Ssongbyssong Monica Berry Floral Print Sneakers

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