Saturday, 18 October 2014

David Beckham in Adidas Pure Boost sneakers.

David Beckham was seen as he arrived theLos Angeles international airport on Thursday.

He wore an all black outfit which consisted of a black suede Saint Laurent bomber jacket witha a black jean trousers and an Adidas Pure Boost sneakers...which is also known as boost your energy shoes. please i don't need anyone digressing..all i mean is that this pair of of sneakers can boost your running

This is some fine sneaks but i will not appreciate walking beside a guy that will use it as his style for dress or outing fashion sense..I know most guys are guilty of this because you think sneakers are the most popular shoes for guys,therefore every type of sneakers will go with your outfit..abeg, you guys should have a rethink cos it does not work that way rather you'll just end up looking like hipsters.

There are different sneakers with differs functions or usage..

You cant use running shoes as dress shoes e.t.c.. lemme not go further atleast a little message has been passed across..

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