Thursday, 16 October 2014


I just want to use this medium to say a big congrats to all our Batch C 2014 corpers who did their passing out parade today October 16 2014 at their various states....hope you guys had fun..

I don't know if other states had their parade but for kogi corpers, twas just enter Secretariat and collect your certificate then snap picture then maybe immediately go out and treat yourself..

i know there'll be different parties going on because Federal Govt paid two month alawi at once plus 1,350 transport if it will carry somebody anywhere...common to enter luxury to another state its about 5k or if its for those who going by flight,you'll b talking of 30k upwards...anyway a new level has been opened,we only pray for God's preservation and guidance..

Me personally i feel the Federal Govt should create allocation for fresh graduate at least till they get a job that way petty crimes will be shortened. cos its painful when u graduate from school,you serve then come no's really frustrating..but i want to encourage us all don't always hope on a white collar job,,with little capital you can set up a business for yourself and before you know what's happening you will find yourself making it big time..
I pray GOD ALMIGHTY in his infinite grace and power will help u in all our future endeavors in Jesus name.


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