Sunday, 26 October 2014


Hiy'all in #kelly osbourne's voice..


Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend free from troubles...mine was great at a point untill i heard about the death of a good friend and classmate....#so sad..may the gentle soul of Magdalene Ebite rest in the bossom of our lord Jesus Christ...May God keep us alive to see more beautiful years aheaad In Jesus Name.

Now back to the business of the day,

Like i did last week every end of the week i will give opportunity for you guys to ask me questions whether male or female shoes and i will try to respond to my best ability.

P.s: its questions regarding to our sorry anything outside that,i wont respond..



Anonymous said...

May Magdalene soul rest in peace,Amen.

Hi Glowy,can you please make your next post on the different type of shoe one is suppose to wear with certain outfit.
Like the type of shoe that is good to go with a blazer,jean,short or long skirt and dresses.thanks

bb said...

Where can we get cheap shoes

Anonymous said...

What are u feeling like? With ur dry blog and horrible english.You won't respond? Because u are a celeb? abeg waka go far. Mschew said...

@anon....i will start doing that...tnx for stopping by. said...

Cheap shoes...there are so many places..i will scout around and get back to you..tnx