Sunday, 19 October 2014


Hey guys i think at every end/beginning of the week i will try and create a post like this..

This the opportunity for you guys to ask me any questions regarding to shoes and shoe styles and i will gladly answer them..It's not just limited to the ladies alone the guys are also involved in this section too.

Hope your weekend was great? wish ya'll the best




Anonymous said...

How long have you been Blogging?

Anonymous said...

Good one Glowy .
my problem is how to walk in heels that is about 4:5 in height apart from platforms.
pls,what's the magic behind those that rock it ? said...

@anon dear there is no major secret..its all about confidence and carriage.
all you need do is as follows
*don't walk too fast,rather take smaller steps
*don't balance all of your weight on the toe of your feet..rather walk from heel to toe
*practice wearing your heels at home or around your house(more like making your heels become your house slippers),with this your confidence will improve before you finally step outside.
*when walking with your heels,remove that self consciousness. e.g imagine that you walking along an invisible line. if not you are likely to fall.
everything still dies down to confidence and good posture with that you'll be strutting like a catwalk model in 5 inch stilettos..xx

Chocolate Gold said...

You clearly love shoes and you are following your passion which is commendable.

You may want to consider featuring more local shoe designers and designs as well. This may expand the scope and content of your blog, its readership and relevance

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much dear glowy !
I followed the steps you gave and it worked like magic !
Thank you so much.I love you and the blog so much.