Thursday, 11 September 2014


After so many request and suggestions for me to include men shoe style in my blog, i had to sit down to really analyse,brainstorm and also search for materials and yay finally am going to start including men's package on my table.
One basic thing i've come to realise in men's shoe is that, their shoes are the fundamental basic for their entire outfit. atleast we ladies can put on fine clothes,plenty of jewellries and wear any kind of shoe we like and we will still come out looking fabulous, but for guys they dare not try it as in that's for those who are fashion and appearance conscious oo...
you can imagine a guy wearing a polo top on a tucked in pant trousers and then finished up with palm slippers or leather skin am the one ehhhh, i will so yab you ehhh that you will wish the ground should open so you could hide your face in shame..

pls guys as you visit this blog and go through every inch of articles amma be publishing, i would want ya'll to really take note so you could be better in your outward looks.....we ladies love guys that are always looking sharp and is heart blowing.

Good shoes will definately take you places..
let's enjoy the ride.

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