Sunday, 24 August 2014


Hey guys hope ya'll are enjoying your weekend but rber tomoro is another working day. mine is kind of boring and the worse of all is that am down with cold and annoying...i've gat nothing to do except eat and sleep then browse my head off...lool..dats my small job you won't blame me but all the same the weekend is good.

In previous posts, whenever i go through most of the comments, i see some people complain of me not including where to purchase the shoes displayed. to my defence guys, i actually do post where to get and also the availability of the shoe.

Whenever i publish a post,i make sure to use two basic short sentences which are "YOU CAN PURCHASE THE SHOE AT" or " THE SHOE IS AVAILABLE AT " and they are linked to the button "Here" once the "HERE" button is clicked, it will instantly redirect you to the site which the shoes can be purchased at. The only instance were i don't post a redirecting link to the purchase site is when the shoes ain't available or i will state it catergorically that the shoe ain't available.

These blog is just not for me alone but for all of us cos its interactive,you are free to air your views without restrictions of any kind.

Secondly, for the guys that are on my neck, both from comments, mail and personal interactions,troubling me to start including men shoe styles on my guys have won cos very soon amma start doing stuffs for you people. #customersatisfactionismygoal.#lool.

Thirdly, i luv you guys both those that constructively criticized me, encourage me e.t.c...honestly i appreciate everyone cos we learn everyday (am not perfect)..i make sure to read every comments and mails and also take note of your requests and advice so as to make this blog better for us all. guys should not hesistate to send in your pictures showing your shoe must not wear them designers before you know you are wearing shoe #cutyourcoataccordingtoyoursize# even if you get your shoe from yaba, lagos market or even sabon gari market as far they are durable and solid,my dear you are good to go..


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