Saturday, 16 August 2014


First  of all before i talk about rerocking of shoes, i'll give a brief definition using a lay man's english."rerocking means to repeat or rewearing a shoe more than one time with different outfits.
Everyone with no exemption has reworn their shoes on so many occasions and to say the truth, i don't see anything wrong in rerocking your shoes so far they are your's and even if they aint yours too, there is nothing wrong in it, infact am a big and huge fan of rerocking of shoes.

There are so many reasons why we rerock our shoes which i will list down.

1.when the shoe is so cute→when you get a shoe that is eyes popping, no one will tell you that you should rerock the shoe to show off that yes i own the shoe which will also bring about self confidence. you know cute shoes attracts compliments like "awww i luv ur shoe, its so cute" and the next thing u'll say is "thank you" but in your mind your head is swelling already lool.

2. When you feel very comfortable→ when you wear a shoe and you feel confortable in the sense that you don't feel pain due to tightness of a shoe or maybe you feel comfortable walking with the heel of the shoe, there's always a tendency to rerock the shoe as often as you want...continue after the cut

3. Style and shape of the shoe→the style and shape of a shoe is also a factor. When you love the shape of a particular shoe, you will always want to rewear it cos your thinking will get attuned to the fact that the shoe will go better with whatever outfit you will want to wear.

4. Colour→the colour of a shoe is basic. Before you put on an outfit, you would have laid out shoes you think will go with your outfit. But in situations where its hard to choose any, it will then result to you going for a more neutral or basic color shoes like black, brown, grey and nude. Your thinking will be since its just black nobody will notice if i wear it more than once, or black goes with everything so why having so many black shoes lying around when i can just have one or two and rerock it.

5. Laziness to wash your shoes→ laziness has eaten deep into so many of us that we don't mind repeating one shoe so that we don't have to wash.
It's not compulsory that you have to wash your shoes everyday so as not to risk destroying it. But its advisable after every day outing, keep your shoes outside for sun and fresh air to penetrate so as to remove the bad smell. By doing so, you can wear as many shoes as you want without think of washing every-time.

These are just the few reasons i can think of but if you guys have other reasons i will be happy to learn.
The summary of everything is...*rerocking of shoe is not bad*. We have so many celebrities rerocking their shoes e.g kim kardashian & siblings check their previous post, kate middleton, even queen elizabeth rerocks her shoes too but all she does is have them remake a new sole for same shoe once she feels that the soles are wearing out. read article here and here.

*make sure to spray a foot spray so as to give your feet a pleasant smell all day long.. but if you can't get a foot spray, you can always use your body spray or perfumes as alternative.

Have a lovely and fun filled weekend.



Anonymous said...

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J.I.I.M said...

@anonymous comment or no comment at least she's painstakingly doing what she loves and letting you know one of her interest in life, and for your information "dummy" blogging is not all about the comments but the interest.. Nigerians and animosity, always hating what they don't understand and scared of what they can't conquer. Skip the hate fella, cause I seriously think you wish you were her.. Keep doing your thing glowysofiscated.