Sunday, 3 August 2014


Leopard print peep toe pumps

Gold studded thong sandals

I selected few of linda's pictures to show her shoe styles.. i thinks she's got a beautiful shoe style and from her acc's shez also made it obvious thats she's a huge fan of shoes and handbag#to match..

If there is one thing i love admiring is seeing beautiful shoes on ladies cos i feel our feets should be our pride just like we say our face is our pride.
I know of some guys who will say whenever they are talking or asking to a girl,the first place they try to look at is her legs and we girls that like to balance and cross leg...pls if your feet is black and tear tear pls nd pls leave the feet inside the shoe continuing forming the tush girl inside the beautiful shoe till you get home and work on it..infact i will stop here and leave this for another post..more pictures after the cut

Black patent pumps
White pointy toe pumps
Gold spiked pointy toe pumps.


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Well I jst decided to visit ur blog today cos all dis ur advert on LIB nawah.not bad but I tink u av too many whites peepz on ur page!