Sunday, 10 August 2014

kourtney Kardashian in Chanel Leather Slip on Espadrilles(two times the charm)

Pregnant kourtney kardashian was seen as she stepped out for dinner with her boo in the hamptons on thursday.
She wore a chiffon shirt on a black and white stripped thigh slit skirt and paired up with a a black Chanel Leather Slip on Espadrilles.
She also rerocked it below after the cut

 she was seen as she stopped by the Kardashians' boutique Dash in New York on wednesday.
She wore a similar black and white stripped mini gown under an olive green trench coat and paired up with Chanel Leather Slip on Espadrilles which is available at Avenue k.she's often seen on this espadrilles.

Am officially no longer a fan of espadrilles.. the shoe is not fine joor.
Check out Genevieve in same shoe.

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