Thursday, 10 July 2014


I don't know how to say this.#sad..someone very close to me just lost his cousin brother to the cold hands of death on tuesday july 7 2014.
"Death where ath their sting"

Words alone cannot express the pain you are feeling right now,the tears you might  have shed but one thing i know for sure is that God will definately help you through this trying period.
I could remember vividly when we had an issue to solve,we sought on contacting your cousin but thereafter changed our minds because he would want to collect roger from the period when he will call you to send him money despict the fact he's a working class man, that alone showed the level of closeness you had with him..he was your close paddy,your informant,your ears and and to crown it all he was popc's right hand man.
He was a jovial man who loved life to the fullest despite the fact he was married,he's been there for you in so many areas.
Baby as you fondly called you've gat to take heart cos he's in a better place..all we pray is for him to rest in the bossom of God.
May God give you and the entire family including his wife and children the fortitude to bear this irreapable loss.

Am here for you and will always be. never ever gonna leave your side.


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