Saturday, 26 July 2014


Nicky hilton was seen about in New York on Wednesday.
She wore a black top on a Tolani Espejo Stitched Skirt while she paired with a Hermes Oran Sandals..
You can purchase other colours at Hermes.
She's holding a Balenciaga First Bag in red. The bag comes in other colors and it goes for $1, the cacuration..loool.

You can pair this flips with a white top on a black shorts
Or beige plain shirt on a blue skarter mini,midi or maxi skirt
Or a black top in a black jean or skirt
Or white on white (summer look)

The beauty of this slippers is that you can rock it with either a maxi skirt or gown and not feel should avail yourself to this beauty cos it's worth every penny dats is for those who have the spend the way it comes in other colours like yellow,white,brown,pink while it goes for $660...datx about 106,000 in naira..looool...i can only imagine wats going through our minds..e.g* i have not seen food to eat finish i will then carry one hundred thousand plus to go and buy slippers when i can enter yaba or eko market and buy correct slippers for one thousand five hundred...hahahaha... as funny as it may sound yea..good things don't come cheap...
Have a great weekend.

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