Thursday, 31 July 2014

How to Find the Right High Heeled Boots for You

High heeled boots are sexy, chic and great for making any woman look like a fashion icon. They're also huge health hazards if either poorly crafted or a particular style you just cannot walk in.

The most important part in choosing the right high heeled boots is the same as in choosing any high heeled footwear. Always pick a sturdy heel you're able to balance and move in when wearing.

One of the huge advantages high heeled boots have over regular heeled shoes is added ankle support. Heels can be hell on ankles, causing stress and even eventual injury. A boot provides fabric that wraps around your ankles, giving extra support and security to the vulnerable joint.

The ankle support offered by high heeled boots can be a double-edged sword, though. Check that the fit is supportive without being too tight. No matter how stylish they look, a pair of boots that cuts off all blood to your feet is always a bad choice.

When you're looking for heeled boots that are knee-length or taller, always check that you can still bend your leg when wearing them. Also check that the top of the boot doesn't chafe when you walk and generally allows free movement.

If you're buying heeled boots specifically to help make your legs look longer, remember to stick with either very short or very long boots. Eye-catching boots that end mid-calf to the knee tend to break you legs into sections, cancelling out the long-legs look heels usually provide.

If you have long legs that you just want to show off, any style of heeled boot should do. However, if you're self-conscious about having legs that seem too long, avoid wearing thigh-high boots. These immediately draw attention to your legs, making them the focal point of your overall appearance.
If you have no idea whether you're legs are too long or too short, and just want some darn sexy heeled boots, stick with traditional black. Black heeled boots can run the risk of seeming a little sleazy in theory, but they always make any women of any size instantly seem sexy.

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